Preventing risk of heart disease

Watch the World Healthy Life Day webinar from 2nd November 2020 Franco CappuccioProfessor of Cardiovascular Medicine & EpidemiologyUniversity of Warwick Professor Franco Cappuccio moved to the University of Warwick in July 2005 to take up the newly established Cephalon Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology. He is a cardiovascular physician, a clinical epidemiologist and aContinue reading “Preventing risk of heart disease”

Healthy Life Webinars

Below you can find links to free recordings and upcoming webinars on a Healthy Life. Do please email us if you would like to suggest ideas for topics, questions and speakers for these live sessions. These webinars provide updates for clinicians, patients and carers and the public on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common andContinue reading “Healthy Life Webinars”