World Healthy Life Week 2021

Session ModeratorsBernard Cheung – Trustee, Cardiovascular Research TrustMichael Hulse – Emeritus Professor, University of WarwickTanya Potiyenko – Trustee, Cardiovascular Research TrustKieran Seale – External Advisory Panel, Cardiovascular Research TrustDonald Singer – Chair, Cardiovascular Research Trust Monday 1st November 4pm UK timeNew insights into strokeLaunch of Storm Brain – a book of medical essays and poemsContinue reading “World Healthy Life Week 2021”

World views on actions for a healthy life

Global Health Challenges Professor Ottersen, President of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden chaired the international Lancet Commission that studied the political determinants of global health inequalities (The Lancet-University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health). The discussion was recorded in June 2019 in Stockholm. Key points important both for heart health and generalContinue reading “World views on actions for a healthy life”

Preventing risk of heart disease

Watch the World Healthy Life Day webinar from 2nd November 2020 Franco CappuccioProfessor of Cardiovascular Medicine & EpidemiologyUniversity of Warwick Professor Franco Cappuccio moved to the University of Warwick in July 2005 to take up the newly established Cephalon Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology. He is a cardiovascular physician, a clinical epidemiologist and aContinue reading “Preventing risk of heart disease”

What does a healthy life mean to you?

For health professionals and member of the public from anywhere in the world.Below you can see views about a healthy life from around the world. Click more for short discussions on actions for a healthy life Please email us if you like to let us know what a healthy life means to you. * *Continue reading “What does a healthy life mean to you?”

World Healthy Life Day 2020

Monday 2 November 2020 – 3pm UK time World Healthy Life Day: Cardiovascular benefits of a healthy life Watch the webinar on ways to reduce and prevent risk of heart disease and other serious medical disorders. Of interest to health professionals – senior or in training – and to members of the public anywhere inContinue reading “World Healthy Life Day 2020”

Healthy Life Webinars

Below you can find links to free recordings and upcoming webinars on a Healthy Life. Do please email us if you would like to suggest ideas for topics, questions and speakers for these live sessions. These webinars provide updates for clinicians, patients and carers and the public on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common andContinue reading “Healthy Life Webinars”