What are the benefits of a healthy life?

Avoiding heart disease and stroke

The main risk factors for cardiovascular disease include smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and kidney disease. A healthy active life with good balanced diet and avoiding exposure to tobacco will all help to cut down the risk of heart attack and stroke. Less well known is that atmospheric pollution – smoke and smog – also increase the risk of heart disease. And cocaine-based drugs are a very common cause of heart attack.

Avoiding diabetes, kidney disease, cancers and arthritis

Overeating has many risks. Overweight greatly increases the risk of developing diabetes – as well as major cause of diseases of the circulation such as heart attack, diabetes can also cause blindness, kidney disease and damage to the nerves. People who are overweight are also at risk of many cancers. Arthrtis – due to direct effects of weight to cause wear and tear of joints – is a further avoidable effect of overweight.

Better mental health

A healthy, active life helps to reduce the risk of mental illness.
Poor mental health has many unwanted effects – including increasing the risk of heart disease. This is due to harmful effects on the heart and arteries of toxic chemicals released by the brain in disorders such as depression.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Roman poet Juvenal

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